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travelling alone, travel guidesWhen I was researching how to travel to every country in the world, I kept searching ‘travel guides’. I was wanting the same information for every country, all I wanted was a travel guide! It took me ages researching all the individual points on various sites, it was so annoying there was no one site that gave me easy to read information to answer all the questions that need answering before travelling to a country. So I thought why not create guides as I travel through every country to make it simple and easy for the next person wanting to stretch there travelling legs. With every country I pass through I now create a guide with the vital information I needed to know to ensure I could travel to these countries safely along with starting points of the best things to do make the most of my time while I was travelling through these countries. I hope this helps you!

travelling alone, travel guides

These guides contain:


travel guide belize, travelling aloneBelize

travel guide, the chance of choice, phoebes travel blogEl Salvador

travelling in england a guideEngland

travel guide, the chance of choice, phoebes travel blogGuatemala

travelling in ireland, a guide Ireland

travel guide, travelling alone, mexicoMexico

travelling in romania, travelling aloneRomania

travelling in scotland a guideScotland

travelling in wales a guideWales