Partnering with me

Sponsorship or endorsement to be part of the journey with The Chance of Choice:

sponsorship to travel alone with dogStarting on the 29th May I will be attempting to travel to every sovereign state. The focus of social media streams and blogging will be on travel, once in a lifetime experience, well being and female empowerment via charitable work, all targeting a 16-25 year old audience. This will be done in a tasteful and creative manner reflecting the rising trend of instagram filters and tumblr photography to draw in the targeted audience.

Why am I wanting to do this?

‘Being told I potentially never had the chance to do something with my life really shook me up. I wasn’t disappointed I couldn’t get onto a graduate scheme or earn a decent wage, something I believe I had been working towards from age 17. I was devastated and had to come to terms with the fact I’d never see the world and actually get to give something back for the better. It gave me absolute clarity of what I wanted and what I am capable of. I now intend to make this journey to increase awareness of global issues that need to be highlighted and eradicated. I want this trip to educate its audience on how with effort it is possible to make a real difference while really living life to the fullest.’

Contributing to this journey, your company will be affiliated with me who will be:

  • The youngest and second female to ever travel to every country.
  • The first person to travel to every country post terminal/chronic illness.
  • Contributing to reduce global gender inequality by working with selected charities via the chance of choice.
  • Educating and providing support to increase female empowerment to the younger generation.

The aim is to work with sponsorship to develop custom packages to fit there branding and marketing needs. Once a monetary value has been established a unique combination of benefits can match the value.

Benefits sponsorship of The Chance Of Choice can provide to the sponsor:

  • Logo on the pages of ‘partnering with me’
  • Logo in blogs and newsletters
  • Company mentions throughout the journey of the most relevant social media streams (examples include: Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter)
  • Company mentions in videos and photos
  • Promotion of the sponsorship at public speaking events
  • Using Phoebe Howlett and her images/videos in advertising campaigns

The Chance of Choice is currently looking for:

  • Ambassadors
  • Endorsementssponsor,cartoon female travelling alone
  • Sponsors

If you are interested in working as part of this please contact: