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I decided to dedicate part of my website to health and wellbeing while I travel to chilli health diet wellbeinghighlight three elements I used in order to tackle my illnesses and today use to stay healthy. Diet and nutrition, I’ve always loved cooking but have an appreciation for the nutrition of the food I’m using as fuel effects my body. I want everything to taste amazing but also make me feel fab afterwards. As I’m travelling I’m learning of new recipes and dishes to only make me fall in love with food more.


     Secondly I have always loved sports and staying active. I’ll give anything a go; tennis, skiing, gymnastic and rowing to a national level through high school, the list can go on. My fitness regime pre-illness focused on how I wanted my body to be perceived by people around me. Gaining fitness when I was ill
however, you really can’t afford to think about how others see your body. Now I’m healthy, I’m not a fitness freak and I never intend to fit into a
size 6. I think if  you want to truly be the best person you can be in its entirety, don’t focus on how exercise makes  you look to others, focusing on the inside will make you be the best you can be on the outside.
Finally it’s mental health, a battle I first faced aged 21 with depression, it made me realise what an integral part of keeping your mind healthy is to your overall well-being. Your bodies physical health and your emotions are linked, so why is it so often ignored when people think of health? I want to see how people stay happy and content around the world. I’m still in awe there was sixteen months between paralysis to my official sign off from the doctor. It was all based on changing the way I think, the food I put in my body and fitness. Incredible,no? Hopefully I chiking health fitnessan laugh lots and learn even more so I can share health & wellbeing tips with you. This is not about being intimidatingly pro-health and fitness, it’s all about how people round the world are having fun while staying individually active, healthy and happy so you can too!


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