Giving back as I go

Presenting my story:

While I’m on my journey I aim to present my story in every country and to as many people (majority will be to the younger generation) as possible. In my presentations I open up the discussion about mental health, chronic illnesses, self confidence, female empowerment and my journey todate. My mission, through my story is , that the younger generation go away with an increased awareness and acceptance to illnesses you can’t see (mental & chronic health), being inspired that boys and girls can go on to  do whatever they want, gender irrelevant.


‘Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your wonderful presentation to my students. To say that you had a profound effect on them would be an understatement. The pupils were blown away by you, by your positivity and by the power of your inspirational message. Proof of this came from colleagues asking me who the guest speaker was that I’d had in as so many of the pupils talked about the impact you’d had on them. You really are an inspiration. We’ll follow you every step of the way.’
June McCarthy, St. Patricks College, Cork, Ireland.

If you believe I would be useful to present at your event, society or school please email:

Charitable partnerships with The Chance of Choice:

My aim is to work with charities to develop custom packages as to how I can be of use. I aim to partner with charities to give my time and to increase awareness of projects they are working on to help female empowerment.

Examples of benefits that Charities could have working with The Chance Of Choice:

  • Logo  and description on page of ‘Endorsors’
  • Logo in blogs and newsletters
  • Charity mentions throughout the journey of the most relevant social media streams (examples include: Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter)
  • Charity mentions in videos and photos
  • Promotion of the Charity at public speaking events
  • Using Phoebe Howlett and her images/videos in advertising campaigns


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