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Travelling story: A health scare in Colombia.

Before going to Colombia everyone told me not to. Drugs, bombs, political turmoil, mugging, murder, and homicide, so many of these were flung around before I got to Colombia by friends and family. It had come to the end of my time in Colombia and I had fallen flat on my face in love with the country, but my...

Solo female travel: Welcome to the woman who’s traveled to 100ish countries.

Doing things differently, like solo female travel, does take a leap of faith. But I'm lucky enough to have spent time with Ann MelvilleĀ a veteran in solo and female travel. Sitting at the boardroom-like dark wooden dining table of her sixth-floor apartment in Quito, Ecuador, Ann is a petite woman. Freckled from decades in the sun, with wispy brown...

Diving in Colombia: A photo diary of Tayrona National Park.

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I did not expect Colombia to have diving like it did, however with the Carribean sea washing along its shoreline I realisedĀ I immediately needed to make the most of it! Tayrona National Park is on this coastline and has over twenty dive spots. Most travellers do this by spending the night in the small town of Taganga, which is...