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Managing anxiety: How I travel and maintain my mental health.

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If you are managing anxiety, paranoia, depression etc I can relate. I am currently travelling the world, run a website about it and suffer from anxiety. Constant anxiety despite ‘living the dream’. Rather than having or not having anxiety I would more so compare it to how large the wave of anxiety is from day to day. Some days...

Mental health popping it’s head: A runaway swede in Tulum, Mexico.

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   Often when I'm travelling I meet people and there stories are amazing, inspiring and so different. But there are no stories I have wanted to know more than Elle's and her mental health battle. I will paint you a portrait of Elle. Elle looks around age 19 and stands at 5 ft 6, with small timid features and...

How a piercing helps chronic illness symptoms, including migraines and insomnia.

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   Let me explain briefly why I came to this decision before skeptics out there start questioning how a piercing helps chronic illness symptoms. I was first diagnosed with M.E & PoTS, two incurable chronic illness back in 2015 and I spent my time trying to contact distant family friends and many friends of friends I had heard over the years...

A restorative weekend in La Jolla, California.

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Generally the reason I keep healthy are because of my illnesses, it is a need rather than a preference. That said every once in a while I like to pretend I can spend my time in a similar manner to the Dalai Lama and be the better version of myself. La Jolla is a relaxed and open-minded suburb of San Diego,...

My secret weapon? Pet therapy.

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 Anyone that knows me knows I love my pets, I currently have a cat and two dogs. I feel like everyone who’s a pet owner loves there animals but I feel like I just love mine more. Although I’m sure all pet owners feel that way. But for me particularly with my labrador retriever, Archie, he has become more...